What is a Dutch Oven? – Definition and Use

If you plan to braise meat, A Dutch oven is probably a good cooking pot to use. Actually, a Dutch Oven is a heavy gauge cooking pot which has a tightly fitting lid. It is good at braising, making stews and soups.

A Dutch Oven can be used in the oven or on the stovetop. Generally, they are made of cast iron. It is recommended to season cast iron Dutch oven before using, similar to other cast iron cookware. Cast iron can withstand high heat, so cast iron ovens are also great for deep-frying. If you don’t have a deep fryer, you can use your Dutch oven instead.

Dutch Ovens with an enamel coasting are so easy to clean and they are rust-resistant. There is no problem about rust.

However, we also need to know that cast iron is not good at heat conducting. Therefore, it is not so easy to get hot, taking a long time. And this feature also makes it retain the stored heat for a long time.

That’s why make them perfect for braising meat, making stews and soups.

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Norberto Pacocha
Norberto Pacocha
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