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We believe that our Privacy Policy is the best way to protect our customers' personal information. But we also think that it's important for us to keep improving ourselves. So here are some of our policies.

1. Information privacy policy

We value our customers’ privacy so we don't share any of their personal information.

We don't share our customer information with third party companies. Your use and/or searches may help us improve our services.

2. Information we collect

When people browse our website, we don't ask them for any personal information. Instead, we use cookies to collect anonymous statistical information.

We will not disclose any personal information about you without your permission.

If we analyze a user‘s search behavior and see that he/she frequently searches for “how to get rid of belly fat,” then we may suggest some related product suggestions. But we won’t bother asking him/her any questions.

5. If we don't want to share our information, what happens?

We take privacy seriously and ensure that any personal information gathered from you is used only for the purposes of delivering better services to you.

We're glad you came to our site. Please check out our best sellers.

4. Chatbot feature

We consider these as our support channels. You can reach out to us at any time via our web site.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us! We're sure we can be of assistance!

6. Third Party Cookies, Beacons, and Tracking Pins

Cookies allow us to gather statistics about how visitors navigate through our web pages. They also let us know if someone has visited before, which helps us improve our content and design.

We track visitors anonymously using third-parties tools and cookies to gather statistical information for aggregate usage purposes.

We take our partnership selection very seriously. Please confirm twice before providing us with any personal information.

6. Links

You can certainly follow any of the links we show you. However, if they appear under Google's ad attribution, double-clicking them first will help ensure their authenticity.

7. Policy towards children

We always take good care of our kids.

Our site is not intended for children under the legal minimum of 13 years old. We don't ask for any personal information from them because it's illegal.

8. Information security

Privacy is extremely important for long-term success. Therefore, we strictly adhere to consumer protection law. We protect and remove any activity associated with collecting user IP addresses.

Be very careful when providing your private information online.

9. Execution

We always take our responsibility seriously towards our customers. Any complaints or disputes between consumers and ourselves will be settled by the relevant regulatory authority.

10. Cookie DoubleClick DART

As other sites, Google may use first party or third-party analytics tools to help us understand how people interact with our site. To learn more about these technologies, visit the official Google Analytics page.

Visit the link: for more details on opting out of Google Ads.

11. Our Advertising Partner

We don't control who uses cookies on our site. But if they do, we won't share your personal info with anyone else without your consent.

12. Amazon Affiliate Program participates in the Amazon Associates program, allowing us to recommend products sold by

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We may change our privacy policy from time to time, so please check back

We might need to update our policies or terms of use. If so, we'll let you know via email.

Please update the policies if you'd like. If you need help, contact us.