How to protect your nonstick bread pans

If you love making homemade bread, a nonstick bread pan is a good helper for you. They can shape the bread during baking. You can choose different shapes of the pan, like loaf, or narrow rectangle. Most bread pans are made from a conductive material with a nonstick coating.

However if you use your pans improperly, the pan coating residue may be stuck to your bread, making the bread not having good visual effects. Therefore, you should protect the coatings of your pans and once the coatings are pierced, a little residue may be left on the bread. Although the residue is not harmful, the bread looks not good.

First, you should not use your nonstick bakeware to cook acidic foods, such as meats, tomato-based recipes, because these acidic foods can make the non-stick coating wear off much faster, making your pans seem old and reducing the lifespan. Once the coating begins to peel, it may rust soon or later, making it difficult to clean.

Once the finish begins to peel, a little coating residue may be left on the bread. Even a little can make your homemade bread not looking appealing. So don’t use pans which are partially worn off to make bread.

How to solve this problem? My suggestion is that you should keep one or more nonstick pans for baking only and others for cooking. I usually keep 2 or 3 new nonstick bread pans to make bread and I use the old one to cook meats and other high acidic foods, which means you need to prepare for more pans to accomplish their specialized job. You may pay more money for the first time, but it can really save your money in the long run.



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