How to Organize Kitchen Appliances


Maybe you have many kitchen appliances and you want to organize them. How to organize your kitchen appliances? This definitely depends on want type of cook you are. If you are a meat-eater, you may have your slow cooker and indoor grills on hand. If you are a vegan, the pressure cooker may be your favorite tool you can rely on. If you are a raw food nut, your blender is your partner and must be front-and-center. No matter what type of cook you are, the following 4 steps can help you organize kitchen appliances.

1.Choose the multi-use kitchen appliances


If your kitchen storage space is limited, you’d better choose appliances which have multiple uses. You should scrutinize your appliances and make sure they are robust and not one-note. When you decide to buy one, you also need to pay attention to the multi-use appliances. If you have plenty of appliances which may have similar functions, you should store some which you don’t use usually.


  • You don’t need to buy a blender and a food processor separately but buy one high quality blender which can bend and work as a food processor.
  • If you have a waffle iron, a Panini press is not necessary.
  • You can use your stock pot to produce a batch of perfectly cooked rice. A rice cooker is only needed if you need to use it daily. For most American families, we don’t cook rice on a regular basis.

2. Cut cabinet clutter

Paring down the appliances is only the first step; now you need to make your cabinets organized and easy-to-navigate. This can help you easily get what you want when you cook. This habit is difficult to develop but believe me you should insist for at least 20 days and you will find a great change in your cabinet.


  • Wrapping the cord around the appliance can make the cabinet look more organized before storing in the cabinet.
  • A step-stool is necessary, which can help you store the appliances on higher shelves. You can store ones which you only need to use once or twice a month.
  • Appliance manuals are not necessary and you can bookmark them online or save them in Google Docs.
  • Don’t store pesky, smaller-parts in the cabinet directly but store them first in zip loc bags and label them, and then you can store these bags in your cabinet. If you have a food processor, you may have many smaller-parts. This is useful and helps you find what you want easily and quickly.

3. Store kitchen appliances by use


You should banish never used appliances which are good for your limited counter top space. On the other hands, moving frequently used kitchen appliances up front is good for your cooking. Some rarely used appliances are also needed to store in the cabinet.


  • You can place your frequently used appliances on your counter top or store them on the lowest shelves in the cabinet.
  • You need to store the rarely used at the top of the cabinet.
  • Donate or sold never used items.

4. Maintain and upgrade


There is a rule that if you organize your kitchen appliances, you will spend less time at the next time. You need to go through your cabinets at least twice a year.

Some advanced tips:

  • Label each shelf with dishes, wine glasses, food processor. And then you can find similar things easily.
  • Make an inventory list taped to your cabinet door.


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