How to choose the right bike floor pump

If you have a bike, no matter how often you have a ride, inevitable and basically you need a bike floor pump around your house. If you are a passionate cyclist, you even need a portable bike pump. But for most of us, we just ride to work, ride to go shopping and etc. A floor pump is enough for us. Before buy a pump, we must know how to choose the right floor pump, because there are many pumps available.

Step #1 Consider your options

Some floor pumps PSI can reach 160PSI, some can only reach 120PSI. Which one do you really need? This is according to your bike tires PSI, which you can find on the inside of your tires. Choose the suitable one according to your PSI, remember. If your pump’s PSI can’t reach the PSI listed on your tires, you cannot inflate your tire with enough pressure, you will get a flat.

Step #2 Which kinds of riding you will be doing

For road riding, if the distance is not too long, a bike floor pump around your house is enough. If you have a mountain biking, you need a durable portable bike pump. If you have a portable bike pump, you can inflate your tires quickly whenever you need to pump. But portable bike pumps don’t have the same power as a floor pump. Before or after any riding, you can use your bike pump to inflate your tires quickly.

Step #3 Compare Pump Performances

3 ways to test a floor pump’s overall performance

The amount of work it takes to operate the pump

Stroke force-Measure how hard you have to work to operate the pump. If a pump’s stroke force is higher, you will find it is more difficult to fill up your tires.

The amount of air the pump pushes out

Stroke to inflation-Measure how much pumping you will have to do to fill a tire. The stroke-to-inflation number is not too low or too high. If the number is too low, it will take a lot of force for each pump stroke. If the number is too high, it will take a long time to pump.

Step #4 what’s types of valves of your tires

There are three common valves, Schrader or Presta and Dunlop valves. Make sure that your pump can work well with them.

Step #5 A gauge is needed.

Make sure your floor bike pump has an accurate gauge. With this, you can check pressure of your tire when you are pumping.

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