How to Choose an Ice Cream Maker

Are you looking for your first ice cream maker for home use? There are plenty of different units you can find on the market. Well how to choose the best ice cream maker? There are 5 factors you need to take into account while choosing one and you can find the best one if you know these factors.


Similar to other small kitchen appliances, knowing how much ice cream you need to make at a time is very important. Too large or too small models are not good, because they work well when filled properly. Therefore, if you only need a little ice cream but use a large maker, the maker will not make well for you and vice versa. For example, a freezer that is only able to make 2 quarts of ice cream at a time is not suitable for you if you have a large family.

Therefore, you should consider how much you need to prepare ice cream for your family before making a buying decision. If you only need to make ice cream for yourself, you can consider a half-pint makers that work better than a larger freezer.


You may think large sizes mean a high capacity. However, it is not true, at least not all true. When it comes to sizes in this context, you should consider 2 different sizes. The first one is the capacity, meaning how much ice cream you need at a time. The last one is how much space your maker will take up on the countertop. Not every household has a larger kitchen, so you should know how much space you can leave for a freezer.

You also need to consider how often you plan to use it. If you only use it to make a treat occasionally, make sure you have enough space in your cabinet.

No matter where you plan to store it, check out the space and you can choose a smaller maker if you have a limited space.

Method of Freezing

On the market, there are servers types of makers you can choose. However, you should know how you plan to make ice cream in your own kitchen. This decides which type is your best choice. Each type has its pros and cons, which you should know before making a decision.

  • Manual – A manual makers give you more memories because it is the most traditional way to make a tasty treat. Generally, it has a large wooden bucket which surrounds a smaller stainless steel container. The smaller container is used to hold the ice cream. First, you need to add rock salt and ice between them and then crank its handle to churn them to form ice cream. The making process is funny and your kids may enjoy. However, it is not able to make a large amount of ice cream at a time and it is not so practical for home use.
  • Pre-Freeze Bowl – May be this type is the most common type for homemade ice cream. However, you need to freeze the bowl in your freezer or refrigerator for 12 hours or more before making ice cream. Although both the capacity and size are ok, you cannot make ice cream as soon as possible unless you freeze your blow regularly.
  • Electric Freezer – The most common type ice cream makers need no bowl that needs to pre-freeze because of its built-in free mechanism. Therefore, you can make a large amount of ice cream without waiting for the pre-freezing bowls. However, you should pay more on them because of their powerful and convenient features. You can check this post for more: best ice cream maker reviews.
  • Gelato Makers – Gelato is an Italian type of desserts and it is only frozen at a slightly warmer temperature. It needs less air than ice cream does. Therefore, there is a slight difference between an ice cream maker and a gelato maker. If you fall in love with its creamy texture, you can buy a best gelato maker specializing in making gelato. Fortunately, some gelato makers also allow you to make ice cream as well. Once you have one, you don’t need to buy another ice cream maker.


The prices of different models are various. And you can always find the right one according to your budget. The price is from $40 to over $400. I must say the high price doesn’t mean it is the best one, because some features you don’t need forever are not necessary to pay.

Ingredient Spout

An ingredient spout is very convenient and allows you to add your favorite mix-ins to the ice cream even if it is blends. If you have one, you can control the whole making process much easier, because some min-ins needs to be added during different stages of the churning process.

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