How do Solar path lights Work?

Solar path lights seems to be inexpensive and can alter the traditional path lights.But for most of us, we don’t know how do they works.It’s essential to know something about them,in order to make good use of them.

What inside

If we open the cover of the solar path lights, we can see that the entire structure comprises of a single mounting.We can clearly see the battery,controller board,and the LED. The battery is a single unit. When the sensor cover is put on the LED is turned on. Entire lighting system is regulated using the control board attached to the unit.Also,they have cell solar array,which can change sunshine into electricity.And the photo-resistor that helps the device to identify darkness.

How the System Works

Battery of the solar path lights or other solar light fixtures gets charged day time. Even in the faded light during rainy or winter seasons, the battery can get charged well.So don’t worry about the weather.

Lighting the Yard at Night

When the dark comes,the solar path lights can automatically generate illumination.It’s very convinent.Through the photo-resistor,the solar path lights can automatically be turned on or off.

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